60 IBUs     14.7 SRM     1.063 OG     1.012 FG     6.7% ABV

4th Round Knockout Blonde Ale

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Rooster Rock Red Ale

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Oxbow India Pale Ale

This knockout of a beer is so named for the hop additions that give this great drinking ale that American twist. Four rounds of hops are added to the boil with the last addition at the knockout of the boil. A rich, creamy ale fermented at cool temperatures has a clean finish with hints of citrus.  Medium-light bodied and ideally balanced for all tastes; make this a perfect beer when you want more.  Fourth Round’s tempting light golden color, biscuit aroma, and smoothness go down effortlessly and often! Or maybe just four rounds…..

75 IBUs     6.0 SRM     1.061 OG     1.010 FG     6.6% ABV


Our NW style Red Ale is a beer for people who love IPAs, but like a little malt sweetness. Malts include American two-row, crystal 120, plus a blend of Special B and Red X malt.  Then we throw in Summit, Centennial, and Cascade hops to balance out the sweetness creating complex flavors for a beer that appeals to both the hop lover and non-hop lover alike.

30 IBUs     4.9 SRM     1.045 OG     1.010 FG     4.7% ABV

Oxen are typically used for the heavier work on the farm as one of the stronger types of cattle; we imagine after a tough day out in the fields, our Oxbow Oxen would want to settle into the rivers bend with a nice hop forward beer like this one. Our Oxbow India Style Pale Ale is medium bodied and aggressively hopped with a technique called “whirlpool” hopping which adds a nice delicate citrusy aroma and flavor. We also use a combination of Citra and Ekuanot hops in our dry hopping for that tropical fruit bouquet and to get a well-balanced, very drinkable American IPA.